Digital Forms Designer

Build online questionnaires to capture critical information

Quickly Capture the Information you Need

With Sysero’s Digital Forms Designer, you can quickly and easily capture information from users to be used in your workflow automations. These intuitive web-based forms are completely customisable and enable you to connect with users outside of your organisation to collect information to be used in client intake, document production, contract negotiations, and more.

Automate Data Collection for Improved Compliance

Sysero’s Digital Forms Designer allows you to build custom online forms that can be used to automate the data collection steps in your business processes. For example, using Sysero’s Digital Forms Designer, you can create branded dashboard-type interfaces for your clients where they can be guided through an online questionnaire to capture information to start a new transaction, collect compliance information or provide access to legal documents.

Sysero makes it easy to store your client form data in a secure and compliant manner. Data encryption and pseudonymisation can be built directly into your forms to ensure your client data is stored, managed, and protected in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Other designers, managers, builders & editors in Sysero

Forms Designer Create web forms with no programming experience needed. Beautifully presented and works on any PC or device out of the box
Dashboard Designer Build simple pages that direct your users where you want them to go
Site Designer Add your company logo and use your favourite fonts, create a custom user menu, add your own help links, set your email templates and add support for multiple languages
Report Designer Sysero records every action and data change. Build reports based on users, data, searches and workflows
Data Action Designer To make importing and exporting data with other system easier, Sysero provides a framwork to add your own SQL, XML, JSON and REST buttons and drop downs
Job Scheduler Run processes periodically to check that users have met their obligations, updates have been sent to workflow participants and produce system stability reports
User Manager Users can be added manually with forms authentication, via Active Directory and LDAP, or through oAuth integration with your favourite Cloud application
Role Manager Security and tasks can be allocated by user or role. Roles can be synchronised with existing Active Directory roles
Image Library Images can be used to make your emails and web pages more customised
Wiki Manager Create custom web interfaces (like this page) with a full web page designer with individual editors for HTML, CSS and Javascript
Email Template Designer Workflows can make extensive use of email-based notifications. The Email designer can be used to create data driven emails and customised with HTML, CSS and your own images
Archive Manager Users often delete documents and items by mistake. Sysero has two stage deletion allowing for recovery or permanent delete whether manually or via the job scheduler

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