Office Integration

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office for easy access and use

Easy-to-use features

Sysero allows you to easily create automated documents from directly within Microsoft Word using a simple mark-up tool. The automation tool integrates into the Microsoft Word ribbon, providing users with a familiar interface from which to create their documents and document bundles.

After publishing, the original Word file can be downloaded, edited and re-published, allowing a process of continuous improvement for your most important documents.

Quick and easy

If you understand Mail Merge, you’ll be able to quickly and easily automate document production with Sysero. Replacing text with fields automatically creates web pages that create documents. Enhance the experience by providing Sysero with a list of choices that add selected paragraphs to the document each time it’s downloaded. Choice Dependent Text is fully compatible with Word Autonumbering, table of contents and even cross referencing and footnotes.

Start workflows from Outlook

Many workflows start with an email. Sysero’s Microsoft Outlook extension allows emails to be sent into workflows that can process and route enquiries. Using our integration features, emails can be filed directly into industry leading Document Management Systems whilst being allocated to teams and individuals using decision-based workflows powered by web forms.

File and Retrieve Spreadsheets and Slides

In additional to extensions for Word and Outlook, Sysero allows users to add spreadsheets to workflows from within Excel and add slides from within PowerPoint.

All supported Microsoft Office apps can access Sysero’s search and filing options from the ribbon with customisation options to re-name the buttons and change the location of their position in the ribbon menu.

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