Template Builder

Empower lawyers to work faster, and smarter.

Turn your firm’s most-used documents into intelligent templates that lawyers can re-use and share across the firm. With Sysero’s Template Builder, you can auto-create fully branded legal documents, including Share Purchase Agreements, NDAs, employment agreements and more.

Increase efficiencies, minimise risk, and deliver consistently high quality documents quicker than ever before.

Automatically create and generate quality contracts.

Drive productivity

Auto-generate frequently used documents and contracts.

Ensure consistency

Ensure consistent quality across global and regional offices.

Reduce risk

Mitigate the risk of human error by eliminating much of the manual drafting process

Deliver value

Power faster turnaround and higher quality work.

Create and sign legal contracts with a few simple clicks.

Simple, easy-to-use mark-up tool that can be used by lawyers to automate documents

Create multiple variations of the same contract using choice fields

Build bundles of documents using the same user-entered data

Ability to route documents for e-signing

“Since partnering with Sysero, I can see the enthusiasm growing amongst our lawyers. This is a much more fun way of working. When the first documents were published and presented in our office meeting, we received automation requests from across the firm.”

- Paula Aura, Knowledge Manager,

Castren & Snellmen

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